Review : Sony Xperia Tipo/ Tipo Dual

Xperia Tipo Dual Review 10 580x325 Sony Xperia Tipo / Tipo Dual ST21i / ST21a Review

Specs and Features

Announced: Aug 2012

Released: Sept 2012

Price: Tipo : Rs 9299 / US $ 169 Tipo Dual Rs. 9899 / US $ 179


Hype: 4/5

Chipset: Qualcomm MSM7225AA

Processor: 800 MHz Cortex-A5

GPU: Adreno 200

Battery: Li-Ion 1500 mAh

Primary Camera: 3.15 MP fixed Focus / VGA Video

Secondary Camera: N/A

Weight: 99.4 g

Dimensions: 103 x 57 x 13 mm

Main Display: 320 x 480 pixels, 3.2 inches (~180 ppi pixel density)

In-Built Storage: 2.9 GB storage (2.5 GB user available)


SAR Value: US : 1.37 W/kg (head) 0.74 W/kg (body) EU : 1.62 W/kg (head) 1.30 W/kg (body)



OS: Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3

Sony has recently announced and launched many phones, but the Xperia Tipo truly stands apart in India. The phone is the cheapest in the line of Xperia phones and possibly matched with respect to other Xperia device. Lets see how it fares in our review:

Xperia Tipo Dual Review 9 580x325 Sony Xperia Tipo / Tipo Dual ST21i / ST21a Review

Build Quality and Design


The Tipo fits great in the hands and almost relates to the shape of your palm

We were impressed by how Sony has marvellously transformed the Indian smartphone market by the introduction of a series of Xperia Devices. Sony Ericsson was always the underdog when it came to build quality, but since the breakup, Sony has been able to change that in the new Xperia line. The Tipo / Tipo Dual  assert that same logic, the build quality is great, refined and rounded edges and an overall nice feel in the hand set this phone apart from the competition.

The back has a matte finish panel and the front has a slight under chin below the LCD. The buttons are tactile and easy, although, you might fidget with the power button from time to time. The slightly tapered 3.5mm headphone jack causes problems with slightly fatter insulation plug equipped headphone cables.

Overall design aesthetics are pleasing and provide easy hold on the Phone, it fits great in the hands and almost relates to the shape of your palm.

Xperia Tipo Dual Review 10 580x325 Sony Xperia Tipo / Tipo Dual ST21i / ST21a Review


At first it appears that Sony could have packed a lot more *grunt* inside the Tipo, but once you use it, you will actually start to appreciate the fact that the phone does what exactly you would expect from it. A 3.2 inch 320×480 display holds the front along with a 3.15 MP camera at the back. On the inside is a Single Core Snapdragon Processor the Qualcomm MSM7225AA thats running at 800 MHz. For RAM we have 512 MB and internal storage memory is at 2.9 GB  (2.5 GB user available).

Xperia Tipo Dual Review 5 580x325 Sony Xperia Tipo / Tipo Dual ST21i / ST21a Review

Camera, Multimedia and Software

Here is our problem, for a company that majorly provides camera sensors and modules to various other manufacturers, Sony could have at-least dropped in an autofocus camera. Its almost that time when Google should ensure the minimum requirements for Android devices, and an Autofocus camera needs to be top priority. What is the point of a camera that takes blurry images? Useless Instagrams, Facebook pics etc. Honestly the camera is sub-par and is a big let down. The camera also does purely VGA video.

In terms of the Multimedia experience however, the Tipo performs with subtle grace. Even though one would expect that, due to the resolution, the display would be choppy or pixellated,it is actually quite crisp and the colours are very deep. The size vs resolution works in Sony’s favor and their integrity of brilliant displays continue with the Tipo.  The speakerphone is loud and well weighted in all tone aspects, you will thoroughly enjoy the music and audio experience on the Tipo.

Running Android 4.0.4 this phone comes out of the box with ICS while most other manufacturers are promising updates. The Ice Cream Sandwich software is glazed with a sugar coating of Sony’s own sweet TimeScape UX, making this combination one delightful dessert. Don’t expect to game heavily on this phone, where as basic to medium gaming can be achieved easily. Most apps out of the Play Store work with the phone’s resolution, which makes for a brilliant apps experience.

Facebook within Xperia

Another thing that Sony has done right, right from the beginning, is to integrate Facebook deeply in the TimeScape UX. Allowing users to sync up their contacts and their updates, look at photos and share and update their own accounts from practically anywhere in the phone.

Xperia Tipo Dual Review 0 580x325 Sony Xperia Tipo / Tipo Dual ST21i / ST21a Review

Phone, Messaging and Network

The phone dialer has now been revamped on all Sony phones and boy is it a relief. The dialer is nice and easy and like any other android phone cleverly integrates contacts and groups, Xperia devices also allow Facebook friends to be updated into the contacts. Phone calls were very stable and so was the network, clear audio on both ends and almost zero dropped calls in the whole test.

Messaging is brilliant using the Xperia Keyboard and gesture input, the keys are slightly cramped on the screen, that makes it slightly difficult to type, but the inclusion of gesture input makes using the device a breeze. Flip it over into landscape and you will be enjoying the keyboard on all hand sizes.

Battery Life


Connections Off


  • Talk Time 3G network(data off): 7 Hours
  • Talk Time 2g (data off) : 7.5 hours
  • Internet : N/A
  • Music : 8.5 Hours
  • Video : 5.5 hours

Connections On


  • Talk Time 3G network(data on): 5.5-6.5 Hours
  • Talk Time 2g (data on) : 6.5 hours
  • Internet : 6 Hours
  • Music : 8.5 Hours
  • Video : 5 hours

Xperia Tipo Dual Review 1 580x325 Sony Xperia Tipo / Tipo Dual ST21i / ST21a Review


The Xperia Tipo is a brilliant budget phone from Sony that brings the Timescape experience with ICS down to a budget. The phone is snappy and pleasing to the eye as well as to a users patience. Sound and display is great and the overall package is brilliant. The camera is our one and only complaint with the device that fails on all levels. If you don’t need the camera, this might be the best phone you can buy for the specs and price.



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