Good News For Pc Gamers! Grand Theft Auto V coming to PC in early 2014

Grand Theft Auto V will be released on PC at the start of 2014, Eurogamer has reported.

Citing multiple industry sources, the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V is said to be coming within the first quarter of 2014.

The release window is said to mirror Grand Theft Auto IV, which Rockstar released on consoles in April 2008 before bringing it to PC in December that year.

Since launching on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on September 17, Grand Theft Auto V made $1 billion in revenue in its first three days on sale.

Chip maker Intel yesterday said it expects to see GTAV on PC. Intel director of marketing Chris R. Silva said, “At least with Grand Theft Auto, I don’t think it’ll be console-exclusive very long. But that’s what happens when you have a brand new launch with two companies that have lots of money trying to make sure they have content.”

Silva added that the reason Rockstar hasn’t yet announced GTAV on PC is because “Somebody paid a lot of money to make sure that title was exclusive.”

A petition for a PC version of Grand Theft Auto V is now close to breaking 600,000 signatures.




Sony: $399 is “magic price” for PS4

Sony originally planned to include a PlayStation Eye with all PlayStation 4 units, but to keep the system at the “magic price” of $399, the decision was made not to bundle the camera, executive Masayasu Ito told Business Spectator in a new interview.

The Xbox One’s $499 price point includes the Kinect 2.0 camera included with every unit. Unlike Sony, Microsoft has no plans to sell an Xbox One bundle without Kinect.

This decision was driven by “pressure from above,” the publication reports, adding that Sony is already losing an estimated $60 per every console sold. Sony aims to recoup this loss by selling peripherals, software, and services.

The PS4’s lack of a packed-in camera isn’t all that upsetting to SCE CEO Andrew House, as he said he does not deem the PlayStation Eye as a system-seller.

“Certainly for the earlier part of the lifecycle, the vast majority of the audience that we speak to tells us that their primary wish is for the full controller interface and there’s not necessarily a huge emphasis being placed on camera interaction,” House said.

Over time, however, House said Sony could “adjust messaging” on this front. Sony, and other console manufacturers, are known to release new system bundles after launch.

The PS4 launches on November 15.Image



Nokia gives us 10 reasons to get excited about the Lumia 1020, all but one photographical

Nokia gives us 10 reasons to get excited about the Lumia 1020, all but one photographical

The Nokia Lumia 1020 is a lot of camera for a smartphone and Nokia likes to remind of that. It its latest piece the Nokia Conversations Blog has detailed 10 reasons why the Lumia 1020 is the most exciting name of the season.
The first seven reasons revolve around the brilliant 41 MP PureView sensor and its software. They detail the Pro Camera suite that captures photos “like a pro”, the next-generation optical image stabilization, the versatile shutter speed, which is great for quick shots and bulb photography with long exposure.

Another strong point of the Lumia 1020, according to Nokia, is the Windows Phone 8 OS that comes built in, offering around 165 thousand apps, including Nokia lenses, Nokia Music, Microsoft Office.The final two reasons are about the video recording which gives you 6 times lossless zoom (in 720p mode that is) and brilliant stereo sound recording, thanks to two very sensitive microphones which can handle sound pressure levels six times louder that competitive smartphone products.

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